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Blue Sky Resumes has a thought-provoking post out about unpaid experience when preparing your resume. Louise is a professional resume writer, and you should take what she says as holy writ: Too often, people feel that unpaid experience doesn't belong [Read More]


I agree the unpaid experience is definitely valuable. Trouble is not all employers do, and that's where part of this problem comes from.

Some employers believe that only work that someone actually paid you to do counts. Volunteer work also doesn't seem to have the same kind of pressures and urgency that corporate work does. Sure, if somebody doesn't get the blood donation or food supply on time, they (like a company) can die. Try, however, explaining that to an employer who's been too obsessed with management's Measure Everything clause.

I'll definitely document my ability to do something. Hopefully the employer is of like mind, that what I can do is far more important than where I've done it. Then again, there are those employers who insist their industry is super-different from all others; I've learned to pick my battles and only persuade those employers who are worth it. My time, like theirs, is limited.

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