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Interesting predicament!

I'd want to know upfront a little bit about the level of collaboration the professional welcomes and her philosophy about including or not including suggested changes she disagrees with.

I would want the professional to remain honest and direct about her opinion on the changes suggested and the overall quality of the product as revisions are made.

I'd want her to draw a line when the suggested changes go into a territory she thinks is ineffective and speak up about it.

It's tricky because as a professional you want to guarantee satisfaction, but you want the end product to be one you can stand behind proudly!

Honesty. I want the professional to tell me what they really think, then let me make my own call. I pay professionals for their advice, not to actually make the decision.

You should definitely challenge doctor's orders - there are way too many doctors out there who's goal is not just to treat you, but to do it the way that lets them charge the insurance company the most.

As for going with the client's changes - the best way is to speak up why you think your way was better, and exactly how much better. Then let the client decide whether they want to make the change.

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