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Interesting times we live in... if some governments effectively nationalize their own bigger banks will they (or organized groups of tax payers) start to demand a say in the remuneration structure?

So that "working in financial services" just to get the salary uptick on a comparable job (or at least skill set) elsewhere might become a career planning relic.

I suspect many unsatisfied folks still employed in that business sector will be/are doing some serious lifestyle planning over the next few months.

Good point Mark. My own feeling is that if limits on compensation are enough to make you rethink your line of work, you're probably in the wrong one!

I recall reading a comment by Robert Half to the effect that he was doing an outplacement interview with a fellow who'd been laid off as an accountant. Part of the interview was an aptitude test, at which the guy scored very low in numerical ability. Apprised, he remarked 'Maybe thats why I never liked being an accountant?'

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