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Louise, thanks for mentioning JobMob and it's good to hear your opinion.

I agree with you. Having a sensible job search strategy and a good resume are key and I try to teach my readers on JobMob about these things. However, the vast, vast majority of job seekers still feel tremendous rejection - even when most were not actually rejected - by the lack of recruiter response. Perhaps an autoresponse giving resume and/or job search strategy tips would work better than what I proposed.

Whatever it takes to reduce the hatred against recruiters is a good thing in my book.

I Stumbled this for you:

Louise, you're right. Listening is key to knowing if your resume is working. If you don't hear anything, then you need to overhaul, or at least tweak your resume.

If you ask several people their opinions about your resume, you're bound to get confused because they'll all have a different opinion. The ultimate test is to send it to an employer. If there's a positive response from the employer, it's a good resume. If there's no response, the resume needs work.

This is what I have had to to several times....but now I have a very good resume, and it got me noticed as I was applying for my current position. When I look at my resume now compared to the first one I ever written, I now realize why I couldn't get a job with the first one!