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  • I'm Louise Fletcher. As President of Blue Sky Resumes my mission is to help people take charge of their job search, build confidence and advance their careers.

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Louise, great article. I just sold my recruiting firm after 23 years in the biz and your article is right on when it comes to getting the candidate ready for an interview. Kudos to you. I have a video, "Acing The Interview" on my old company's web site alliancehrnetwork.com -candidates have said it made huge differences for them in preparing for interviews.

Unfortunately, some of the storytelling in behavioral interviews can be faked.

Additionally, if that really is true, that your past actions dictate your future actions, why would anybody ever bother taking self-improvement classes? Am I the same person at 34 that I was at 18?

Behavioral interviews do give you the chance to rewrite history, though. You can slant the parts that were good and delete the bad. It is impossible to verify everything that's stated during an interview. It has been noted that jobs many times go to those who sound better, not those who actually are.

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