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You're so right. My general rule of thumb (and it's not hard-and-fast, just a guideline) is that people who are in the first five years of their careers should generally stick to one page, since a couple of entry-level jobs are unlikely to give them lots of really important accomplishments that they need to talk about. At 5 years, though, people tend to start to chafe at the one page rule, and that's roughly when you should add the second page.

I could not agree with you more on this topic. Summarizing action packed key accomplishments need to be the first thing people see on a resume. The mistake that I see on many resumes is that people leave off the good stuff in order to make room for the customer service rep job or first Admin position at the beginning of their career (20 years earlier) that is no longer relavent to their Management position they are applying for. If you've been in your industry for 20 years - you can drop off some of the first jobs sequenced years 10-15 years prior that are not relevant. Love your blog - I'll be tuning in more.

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