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Thanks so much for the compliments.

I am indeed actively seeking a fairly high level role, and that is what got me started with blogging. But blogging has become so much more than just a tool to help tell my tale. It is allowing me to put down on digital paper (for my own later reference) some of the knowledge I have gained over the years. It helps me feel useful, when readers tell me a post of mine helped them figure out a problem they were dealing with. (And feelings of usefulness can be hard to come by during a job search.) My blog could eventually become a book - who knows. Publishing a blog showcases not only the few leadership skills I have, but also the my Web 2.0 skills - it shows I'm not stuck in the last century. And it has introduced me to other interesting writers, you included.

I have become an evangelist for the use of blogs, by job seekers and by my small-business friends.

Kent certainly does get it. I've known Kent for a few months now and he has a very thorough and organized search going. He's learned how to use the modern technology of blogs to complement the traditional search techniques. And as a true leader he's been instrumental in getting others (including me) into the world of blogging.

Blogging for a Job? I am one of those people who 'stumbled' into blogging which has surprised everyone around me but I believe it gives you the power to reach the world that you would not have ordinarily reached. Sometimes people send in comments and sometimes they do not and when you blog for months without comments, it can get quite demoralizing but if it is an outlet that you strongly believe in, then it has fulfilled its primary objective ...making you happy and if it leads to a job for you then it is a bonus.

Personally, I see blogging as a way to achieve my writing dreams professionally and leisurely. I also beleive that it will be a platform for launching out my business.